About Us



Greetings! Resurrecting from the mud to the lotus blossom, this mother/daughter duo is back in business! Ola Wyola is back! We first opened in 1991 and now we’re posting up north of Columbia City on Rainer and Genesee in Seattle.

We focus on  Vintage, crystals, jewelry, handmade, local, sustainable and flava packed finds. This time we are rolling out a healing center for energy awakening goodness and chakra balancing love. Lookout for our future events!

Meet Rainbow

Rainbow - her actual legal name is Rainbow-Renee Wyola Manier. Named  by her father who was inspired by his friend and musical peer, Jimi Hendrix. She was given the name Wyola  by a First Nations Shaman. Rainbow was born into the Bohemian lifestyle. She comes from a Hippie tribe. A mixed race family of musicians, dancers, artists, and teachers who were dedicated to the holistic way of living.

Rainbow is an expert of her globally infused craft, she  typically practices in her healing center in Seattle  and travels the globe offering her Rainbow Soul Journey Ceremony. Rainbow owns a family run store and healing center focusing on sustainable living, wellness, and consciousness. She is a jewelry designer who creates our Soul Chains -  Crystal Healing amulets strung on vintage chains - then infused with the moon cycle, sound, Reiki, and protective intentions .A mother of two young adults -- the most gratifying experience of all! 


Meet Elaine Bonow 

I started teaching ballet and conditioning classes in 1983. I studied exclusively at The Academy of Classic Ballet with my teacher Irene Larsson.
Please send me an email belltownballet@gmail.com or elainebonow@gmail.com, if you have any other questions and to check our schedule which does change according to availability of studio space. Dress is casual, just wear what you normally would when you work out, wear socks until you decide to get ballet slippers. Currently teaching Zoom meeting classes with my students far and near. This has been a delightful experience to reconnect with past students.

I love to sing Jazz and RnB in local Seattle clubs as well as guest performing around the globe. I also study piano, flute, guitar and my Tom drum. Contact me for booking!

At our shop, I host a Writer's Workshop, where we focus on writing fiction. During this Pandemic, our students have been connecting  on Zoom. Contact me for more info.