Quantum Rainbow Soul Journey - Online

Let us collect our consciousness. Quantum Healing activate - form of White Light Energy! I use a global spectrum of healing tools to activate and send energy.

Our energetic re-balancing helps to boost the immune system. This helps the body to function better, and thus heal itself faster. Energetic medicine does not just treat symptoms, it addresses the root cause of the health imbalance. 

I love to send Quantum energy. We can help other along the way, as well as our Universe. There's room to give back. Unite your family for a deeply powerful guided Journey while letting go of past trauma. Deleting old programming and clearing space for higher frequency downloads. Work with me one on one for a restorative and uplifting ceremony. Send a Soul Journey Ceremony to a friend who needs a boost!

In this time of self isolation we could use a blast of quantum healing.


The Rainbow Soul Journey includes;

  1. Inviting the clients Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Angels to guide with the energy healing. 
  2. Sound healing 
  3. Crystal grid and crystal altar work from the  Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra.
  4. Reiki energy healing and aromatherapy to balance  the Chakras
  5. Sound Bowl and Zil clearing to smooth the aural energy. 
  6. Guided visualization - take a journey from the middle of the Earth where the crystals live - your Root. Then travel up your tree of life, stopping at each Chakra to balance and restore. The last stop on this ascending journey is your higher consciousness. 

Distance Reiki involves implementing a special symbol to open up the channels, allowing the Reiki energy to flow — for the highest and best healing good, and across dimensions. This quantum healing practice work with Chi — Life Force energy. Reiki distance  healing is a powerful technique and is only done with within the confines of the loving healing direction of the Reiki trained person and with the permission of those who are the recipients. This is big, there must be permission and acceptance of the energy. 

For more info and booking a one on one or group session, please leave a message on our Contact  Us page - wyoladesign@gmail.com or Follow and DM @rainbowreneemanier - IG