Quantum Kit Massive Pack Energy Healing Tools

Quantum Kit Massive Pack Energy Healing Tools

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SAGE,Sweetgrass, Yerba Santa, Large Curled Feather, Selentie Crystal 

These healing kits are sacred alter tools. Each tool kit is curated to balance your chakras, clear your aura, cleanser home and body—mind and spirit. Reiki infused.

Root to Crown 

Healing Properties

Be the beacon

the light will find you

Be the game

the players got you

Be the Root Chakra

the others will ignite.

Be the crown 

Energy will flow down. 




The smudge is powerful

The crystals are magical

The Chakra Can Candles are created by Rainbow

The Kits have all been infused with Reiki, Mantra, Sound, and Smudge by Rainbow - Intuit’s healer and Soul Alchemist.



Candles are a Soy  and Coconut blend, dusted with Crystal Mica. Handmade in our shop.



Start  with intentions and blessing, Invite spirit guides in

Open windows, doors blinds

Lay  grid down

Sage doorways

Start clockwise too to bottom with bowl and feather

Salt bowl in each room

Sound tools clockwise

Mantra -  “grounded and anchored to this home, rooted to the earth so you can soar . safe and contained. “

Selenite wand and Smudge yourself.

End with manifestations   - create crystals bubbles of protection. Creating an alter space.