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Heart Chakra Rose Quartz Crystal Soul Chain Necklace w 24k Electroplated
Heart Chakra Rose Quartz Crystal Soul Chain Necklace w 24k Electroplated
Heart Chakra Rose Quartz Crystal Soul Chain Necklace w 24k Electroplated

Heart Chakra Rose Quartz Crystal Soul Chain Necklace w 24k Electroplated

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CHAIN DETAILS 22” Vintage Gold Chain - may be plated, filled, or electroplated vintage untraceable relic! . 24k Electroplated gold Rose Quartz Crystal- 1.5-2”


Rose Quartz 


Healing Properties

Rose Quartz carries a feminine energy that encourages compassion, peace, tenderness and healing which brings forth feelings of Unconditional LOVE! Rose Quartz stimulates peace, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, inner peace and tolerance. It increases ones ability to love oneself. Rose quartz properties are extremely useful in meditation. Vibrations given off by the pink quartz stones impart a warm, calm energy that is very conducive to meditation. Meditation with rose quartz crystals, gemstones or statuettes make it easy to release negative feelings

Astrological Sign

Scorpio - Sometimes you can stinG. SOMETIMES YOU CAN LOVE TOO MUCH!! Soothes the heart like a medicinal balm



Rose quartz stones are minerals with a very long history. Beads made from rose quartz rock in 7000 BC were unearthed in Iraq, an area of the world that was called Mesopotamia. Assyrians made jewelry with the pink quartz back in 800 to 600 BC, which is likely when the rose quartz gemstone was first used in this way. The Romans and Egyptians also used rose quartz.

Egyptians, Greeks and Romans believed rose quartz rocks had strong magical powers. They used the pink quartz as powerful talismans. Egyptians thought that one of the rose quartz benefits was the ability to slow down the aging process. They used to carve rose quartz rocks into facial masks. Rose quartz was used as a seal by the Romans to indicate ownership.

The story of Adonis and Aphrodite addresses rose quartz color and rose quartz meaning. According to this myth, Aphrodite became trapped in a thorn bush while rushing to assist Adonis when Ares, the God of War, attacked him. Aphrodite arrived too late to save Adonis. Because of their powerful love, the blood of Aphrodite and Adonis spilled onto the quartz beneath them. From that point on, the quartz in the area had a rose quartz color. Their story of love is deeply tied to rose quartz meaning.



These are POWERFUL spiritual healing tools. They are created to balance your Chakras, clear your Aura and protect your Quantum Energy Field. SOUL CHAIN amulets tap into your Superpowers.

One of a kind goodness.


  • Reiki
  • Sound healing
  • Smudge
  • Mantra
  • Crystals
  • Sun - Moon


Created with love frequencies and positive affirmations. Collect them and cherish them!

Sourcing takes time, passion and patience. They take over a month to program with protection, positivity and abundance. Ready for your love manifestations!!!


The vintage chains and crystals are sourced from around the planet. One of a kind goodness, created with love and positivity!


Rainbow creates small and meaningful curations driven by the planets and Moon cycle. Collect them and cherish them!


*They are delicate- some are electroplated. Some are gold filled. Some are Sterling. Some are collectible.
Wear with care, they are vintage and may tarnish with  wear. Think of it as a sign of all of your manifestations.