Dainty Baby soul Chain with Rare Two Toned Topaz
Dainty Baby soul Chain with Rare Two Toned Topaz
Dainty Baby soul Chain with Rare Two Toned Topaz
Dainty Baby soul Chain with Rare Two Toned Topaz
Dainty Baby soul Chain with Rare Two Toned Topaz

Dainty Baby soul Chain with Rare Two Toned Topaz

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These are POWERFUL spiritual healing tools. They are created to balance your Chakras, clear your Aura and protect your Quantum Energy Field. SOUL CHAIN amulets tap into your Superpowers.

Sourcing takes time, passion and patience. They take over a month to program with protection, positivity and abundance. Ready for your love manifestations!!!

CHAIN- vintage Golden 18” Crystal 1”

Chakras: Solar Plexus and Crown


Zodiac: November - Sagittarius and Scorpio


White Topaz embodies the energy of the spirit and opens one’s senses to the essence of the Self. It brings an awareness of one’s thoughts and deeds and the karmic effect these have, as well as a cosmic awareness and understanding of the “big “picture” and how one fits into it all. Stimulating the Crown and etheric chakras, this high-vibrational crystal dissolves mental attachments and purifies emotions, helping to heal the soul. It enhances spiritual development, and works to clarify one’s intention and align order to manifest it in the physical world.

Honey Brown Topaz


The energies of this crystal will help you remain faithful and optimistic. This crystal will help you increase your self-confidence, pride, and self-worth without inflating your ego. This crystal radiates gentle power that soothes, heals, stimulates, and recharges. It will bring you lasting and solid energy that will fill your life with abundance, peace, and joy.

As a silicate mineral it acts as an enhancement crystal, a crystal of potency, and it will bring you forces of manifestation and attraction.

It’s a crystal that will reflect the energy of your mind. It will bring you intense clarity on your intentions, and it will strengthen your focus so that you can manifest your desires to reality.




The word “Topaz” has been derived from “Topazos”, which factually is an island of Red Sea only where the Romans claimed to procure this semi- precious stone back in time. But at the same time, there are sufficient declarations about derivation of the gemstone’s name, as it is also believed that the Sanskrit word “Tapas” meaning “Heat” or “Fire” has given rise to its name while “Tapooz” in Hebrew means “Orange” which might also be one of the reasons behind it’s naming mystery.


Ancient Egyptians believed topaz’s golden color was created by the glow of the Sun God Ra; making it a powerful amulet possessing multiple healing properties that would protect the stone’s owner from harm. The Romans associated Topaz with Jupiter, also God of the Sky, and King of the Roman pantheon, and believed that if topaz was near poisoned food or drink it would change color and thus alert the stone’s wearer to the danger. The ancient Greeks said that it had the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in times of emergency. For centuries, many people in India have believed that topaz worn above the heart assures long life, beauty, and intelligence.




The vintage chains and crystals are sourced from around the planet. One of a kind goodness, created with love and positivity! Rainbow creates small and meaningful curations driven by the planets and Moon cycle. Collect them and cherish them! They are delicate- some are electroplated. Some are gold filled. Wear with care, they are vintage and may tarnish with  wear. Think of it as a sign of all of your manifestations.