Dainty Baby Soul Chain with Faceted Smokey Quartz Crystal

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One of a kind jewelry


Vintage chains adorned with healing crystals. These powerful amulets have been infused LOVE and POSITIVE VIBRATIONS!

Sacred rituals include; Sun, sound, smudge, Reiki, white light energy, positive affirmations, and the Moon cycle.

They take a month to program with protection, positivity and abundance. Ready for manifestations!!!These vintage chains are relics, spanning 30-70 years. The chains and crystals are sourced from around the planet. One of a kind goodness, created with love! 

 double terminated wire wrapped beauty, fine vintage chain. 

Chain 23” Crystal 1-5 

Chakras- Root and Sacral primarily - yet all benefit!

Zodiac - Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn- yet all benefit 



Timeless Smokey quartz, a culturally diverse and widely popular stone throughout the ages, from the Druids sacred beliefs to Egyptian healing, smokey quartz is the perfect stone for grounding and uplifting. Because it is one of the most effective anchoring stones, it can make you feel rooted and safely planted on the Earth. I love this gorgeous smokey lil’ nugget of healing wonder I picked out at @nwcrystals


This amazing stone helps to  calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety and depression. It also helps to cure headaches and strengthens the heart. These gemstones are also for blocking electromagnetic smog. Some people are sponges for electro crap. I happen to short out electronic devices and as I’m typing this I’m realizing that I need to keep a smokey quartz next to all of my plug in devices! It also has Feng Shui healing energy and space aligning vibrations.


They are delicate pieces of art. Power up your intentions and wear with care. 

 -Rainbow-Renee Manier - Energy Healer | Intuitive Guide | Artist