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Dainty Baby Soul Chain Necklace with Red Jasper Heart Crystal
Dainty Baby Soul Chain Necklace with Red Jasper Heart Crystal
Dainty Baby Soul Chain Necklace with Red Jasper Heart Crystal

Dainty Baby Soul Chain Necklace with Red Jasper Heart Crystal

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CHAIN DETAILS - Vintage Chain - may be gold filled, electroplated…due to the sacred vintage nature, it’s hard to trace. 

16” LRed Jasper   Crystal- .3-.5”



REd Jasper  


Root and Sacral  

Healing Properties
Amethyst is an excellent physical, emotional tool and also helps with psychological pain, anxiety, addiction and stress. This multitasking stone is filled will love and support. Amethyst opens your third eye, the window to YOU!When the third eye chakra is in balanced, your thoughts and internal self awareness and communication are vibrational and clear!

  • This purple powerhouse helps increase the production of hormones. This amazing stone also tunes the endocrine, metabolic and immune system.

    Addictions of all types can be controlled more easily while wearing amethyst gems. The power of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes over the human body is greatly reduced by amethyst stones.

    Astrological Sign

    Aquarius and Pisces

    Cruise  out of your cave, Pisces. Exit you brain cave, Aquarius. Your future is waiting.


    Greeks wore amethyst rings while drinking alcoholic beverages to ward off intoxication and drank from the purple quartz. Amethyst stones were carved into goblets by the Greeks who believed they would not become intoxicated if they drank wine from amethyst cups. Purple amethysts are still worn today to signify sobriety.

    Chakra Powered SOUL CHAINS. Vintage Chains adorned with infused crystals.


    These are POWERFUL spiritual healing tools. They are created to balance your Chakras, clear your Aura and protect your Quantum Energy Field. SOUL CHAIN amulets tap into your Superpowers.


    Sourcing Vintage chains takes time, passion and patience. The crystals  take over a month to program with protection, positivity and abundance.


    Ready for your love manifestations!!!


    Rainbow’s Sacred Soul Chain rituals include

    * Moon Cycle Cosmic Energy

    * Solar Chakra Sun Infusion

    * Sound Healing with Rainbow’s      energy healing instruments.

    * Ancient Smudge ceremonies with a bouquet of healing herbal medicines

    * Reiki Life Force Energy

    *Shamanic Portals

    * Quantum White Light Energy

    * Positive Mantra affirmations for Health Wealth and happiness.

    *Alchemy Tool Box

    Designed by Intuitive Energy Alchemist - Quantum Healer - Crystal Mystic - Reiki Master ..:Rainbow-Renee Wyola Manier