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Bostwana Agate  Crystal  Soul Chain Necklace
Bostwana Agate  Crystal  Soul Chain Necklace
Bostwana Agate  Crystal  Soul Chain Necklace

Bostwana Agate Crystal Soul Chain Necklace

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Equinox Collection

CHAIN DETAIL 16” Vintage Gold Chain - may be plated, filled, or electroplated vintage untraceable relic! . Crystal- 1.5” - 2”


Bostwana Agate 

Root throat third eye crown 


The stone’s healing energies will give you composure and maturity. After all, it’s not easy to remain calm and collected, especially when everything around you makes you feel like you’re going to implode.

The energies of Botswana-Agate will reassure you that everything’s going to be alright, and that you will come out of this experience stronger and better.

Botswana-Agate enhances your self confidence, mental, and  analytical skills, as well as  perception of self. 

It will also boost your self-confidence and sense of security.

When you have the Botswana-Agate stone in your life, you will have more artistic expression.

You will also have a stronger desire to explore the unknown while remaining realistic and logical.

 Named for the area in Africa where it is mined, Botswana Agate is called the Sunset Stone because it retains sunlight and comforts people through dark, lonely nights. It was traditionally used in African fertility ceremonies to encourage potency and the conception of strong, healthy offspring.


These are POWERFUL spiritual healing tools. They are created to balance your Chakras, clear your Aura and protect your Quantum Energy Field. SOUL CHAIN amulets tap into your Superpowers.

One of a kind goodness.


  • Reiki
  • Sound healing
  • Smudge
  • Mantra
  • Crystals
  • Sun - Moon


Created with love frequencies and positive affirmations. Collect them and cherish them!

Sourcing takes time, passion and patience. They take over a month to program with protection, positivity and abundance. Ready for your love manifestations!!!


The vintage chains and crystals are sourced from around the planet. One of a kind goodness, created with love and positivity!


Rainbow creates small and meaningful curations driven by the planets and Moon cycle. Collect them and cherish them!


*They are delicate- some are electroplated. Some are gold filled. Some are Sterling. Some are collectible.
Wear with care, they are vintage and may tarnish with  wear. Think of it as a sign of all of your manifestations.