Wyola Wellness


Align and Shine Space Clearing with Rainbow-Renee Wyola Manier, Reiki Practitioner.

Heighten positive vibrations and remove bad energy from your inner sanctum with a frequency raising space alignment. Purging Marie Kondo style is all the rage and you can toss out joyless items but the built up energy is still marinating in your home.

Start fresh this Spring with a home cleaning. No, I ain’t washing your floors! But, I will come to your home or office and align the heck out of your sacred space. My toolbox includes many healing and cleansing remedies; salt, smudge, sound, Reiki energy, and a good old design eye to keep the energy flowing.

This alignment is crucial for new homeowners or those about to sell a property. Households with new family members, babies and pets benefit tremendously from clearing bad vibes and infusing the home with white light and clean energy. Home share rental? Starting a new business? Stagnant business?  Infuse your space with an abundance mindset by clearing and aligning

My past experience as a Realtor is very insightful and helpful. Years working as an interior designer help me read a space. Reiki awakens the portals and shifts the energy, clearing the way for a healthy space and joyous home. Get inspired and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for some Heart Chakra goodness!

- Rainbow-Renee